Story Maps

Esri story maps provide a way of communicating a story, or information, through an interactive web mapping application.  You can include photo’s, text, videos and interactive maps.  Here are a few of our favourite examples:

Geraldine Moore produced this fantastic storymap illustrating the migratory journey of the eastern bar-tailed godwit, a regular visitor to New Zealand during the summer. These amazing birds travel thousands of kilometres each year from their breeding grounds in Alaska.

GiC produced this storymap as a way of providing information about our organisation, groups we work with, and provide an overview of how GIS is being applied to support the work of many conservation groups in New Zealand.

A Ethos Story Map – How the conservation sector is working harder and smarter to make New Zealand predator free. 

For more story maps that showcase conservation and nature, visit the Esri Story Map Gallery