MIRO Rat Bait Take-Up


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  1. Mark Bellingham says:

    Looks like what Ark in the Park do in the Waitakere’s, but we had a French GIS intern for 6 months and his maps have the bait station spots smoothed to give a nicer and more easily read map.

  2. Yes Mark is right. It looks like what we do at the Ark. A french student initiated the project with ArcGIS in 2010 and we have carried on his work the last 7 years, but using qGIS, a free GIS software. Working remotely we could not access the ArcGIS licence server, so we opted for local licences and qGIS. With the same great results!

  3. eurolezz.com says:

    GWRC has taken up this task and has set up a grid of rat bait stations 1 by 1 inside the Mainland Island.

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