We would like to acknowledge and thank the following Sponsors who support GiC by providing GIS professional advice, expertise and grants.


Esri developed the ArcGIS mapping software and is known internationally for its generous support of volunteer community groups involved in conservation work.

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NZ Esri Users Group

The New Zealand Esri Users Group represents the community of professionals working with Esri Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. NZEUG provides an annual grant towards the cost of NZ recipients of a SCGIS scholarship.

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GWRC has a number of predator control, planting, and bird translocation programmes and projects in the Wellington region. Most of this work is carried out in partnership with volunteer community groups.

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Eagle Technology

The NZ agent for ArcGIS software, and is heavily involved in providing technical advice and support to volunteer conservation groups.

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DOC is NZ’s flagship operation for the preservation and management of native flora and fauna.

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WCC works closely with DOC, GWRC and volunteer community groups on a range of conservation activities around Wellington.

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